Decosta Laboratories was established in 1998 and maintained, since its inception, an elevated interest and engagement in the use of naturally grown, eco-friendly products.

One of our major product categories relies on the use of nature’s gifts and comprises Herbal Cosmetics, Blended Bath Salts and Mosquito Repellents.

The production process involves the extraction of aromatic oils from locally grown herbs and the enrichment of our meticulously developed, exclusive formulas and sea salts. We encapsulate the benefits of all the active ingredients to yield our unique, exclusive products.

We, justifiably, take pride in presenting our Gifts of Nature!

Decosta Laboratories is venturing into the future believing that we all must honor and preserve the magnificent earth we live on and that it is our duty to take only environmentally sustainable actions.

We have created our own sustainable organic olive groves and aromatic herbs plantations in Limassol’s Pareklisia and Prastio Kellakiou privately owned areas.

Works are underway for transforming our expansive Prastio Kellakiou plantation into a park which can host and educate visitors who share our environmental concerns and interests. There, one would experience the notion of permaculture, organic cultivation and sustainability.

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